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  • It’s a great place to get good, honest, down-to-earth answers on how to solve professional surveying problems

    Jack Booda

  • Networking, to use a cliched word. Interacting with other surveyors statewide, and at the local level. Local chapter meetings can be a great way to find out what is going on, compare notes, and share information.

    Don Teter

  • WVSPS keeps us informed on legislative actions that effect our profession and way of life. Sometimes the ramifications are positive, sometimes negative. This gives us ample opportunity to circle the wagons, contact our respective representatives and hopefully influence a good outcome for land surveying in our great state.

    Steve Losh

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Giving back to your profession! One of the greatest benefits of becoming a member is the feeling you will receive knowing that you are giving back to your profession. Only with the support of those in the profession can we develop and grow and become the strongest voice in the development of our profession for years to come.

Do You Need a Surveyor?

Do you need a Land Surveyor?

  • Possible encroachments on your potential property can become bigger issues down the road. For example, a neighbor’s fence, wall or even a building could be on your property without you knowing it. A survey can give you clear boundaries of your property.
  • A land survey will help protect your investment. A survey can reveal the exact property dimensions, size, and location of the home on the property, as well as any other improvements on the land, such as a driveway.
  • Some property owners plan on dividing their property to give to a family member or sell for profit. A land survey would let you know what regulations may affect your plans.
  • If you are planning on doing any excavation or construction, a surveyor can advise you on the existence of underground cables and drains. You may also find that a utility company has the right to use a portion of your property for upkeep of utility lines, and may also have the right to determine how tall you let your trees grow, for example.
  • In case of a dispute, your Surveyor can act as an expert witness, and will assume professional responsibility for your survey in court.
  • A surveyor can determine whether or not your home is within a flood zone. This information can drastically affect the cost of homeowner’s insurance and potentially save (or cost) you thousands of dollars a year!

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